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Window Replacement Options For Portland, OR

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Window Replacement options portland

Replacing your windows could make a remarkable difference in the energy efficiency of your Portland home. As much as 40% of the warmth your HVAC system generates can be lost through the windows. This is because glass does little to block heat as it transfers to the outdoors or from the outdoors in.

Other than standard replacement windows, window manufacturers have been using advanced technologies to make the glass and sash resistant to heat transference and moisture. This makes them highly energy efficient. They use advanced technologies to create windows with smart glass and low-e glass.

Some replacement windows are easier to maintain. Some are engineered to eliminate moisture problems. And some are manufactured for easy opening and closing.

Focusing on energy efficiency is important due to our climate. The following information from our Portland Insulation company may help you understand the options in window replacement for your Portland home.

Energy Efficient Smart Glass Replacement Windows

One of the technologies used today to manufacture windows will block some or all wavelengths of light. There are different technologies used to achieve different results. For instance, some types of blackout smart glass switches from nearly clear to opaque and then to blackout. Some will only change from clear to opaque, which is great for creating some privacy.

What’s wonderful about these smart windows is the energy efficiency added to the home. Blackout smart glass can block more than 99.4% of the visible light and 100% of ultraviolet light. They can be set up with:

  • Remote controls
  • Range of wall switches
  • Light sensors
  • Timers
  • Movement sensors

Construction Of Replacement Windows

A normal window frame will conduct heat, so it’s important that the frame is energy-efficient as well as the glass. The overall energy efficiency of the window depends on all aspects of the structure.

Some composite frame materials, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass offer more thermal resistance than metal window frames. Some vinyl and fiberglass replacement window frames have a hollow cavity which can be filled with insulation. This makes them more efficient than wood or standard vinyl frames.

Insulated Replacement Windows

An insulated replacement window is constructed with two panes of glass which are spaced apart and sealed. The air space in between is what insulates the glass.

Choosing Replacement Windows In Portland

Variables such as what direction the window faces, the size and type of window, your privacy concerns near the window, and regional climate all factor in when choosing the right replacement windows for your Portland home.

If you need help choosing and installing them, Green Energy Solutions, Inc. is your local Portland insulation expert. Improving the way your home uses energy is what we’re all about.

If you are looking for a Insulation Company in the Portland Metro area, please call Green Energy Solutions, Inc. at 503-615-4242 or fill out our online request form.

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