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Replacement Windows Options For Your Washington County Home

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Replacing your windows will save you money on energy costs and will add value to your home. Whether you ever plan to sell the home or not, your new windows will make your home more comfortable and desirable.

There are many window types and styles to choose from. If you’ve started to look into the option of replacement windows, we’ve put together a little information for you to help you with your goal. Our specialists at Green Energy Solutions Inc. can help you further, just give us a call.

Top window manufacturers offer custom window design as well as standard windows. Here are a few of your choices:

  1. Vinyl
    Early vinyl windows had problems with thermal expansion. When temperatures changed, the vinyl sash would expand or contract at a different rate from the glass. As a result, the windows fit poorly, leaked or cracked.

    Such problems have been eliminated because modern vinyl is more durable than the materials that were used 15 or 20 years ago. Virgin vinyl frames will be even more durable and won’t oxidize like recycled vinyl frames will.

    Vinyl windows are inexpensive and energy efficient to a certain degree which will depend on the window you choose. They look bulkier than wood or metal windows because vinyl isn’t strong enough to be made into ultra-thin parts.

    Except for washing the glass, vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free. You can’t paint them, but you can get them in a number of colors. What’s more, the color penetrates completely through the material, making scratches nearly impossible to see.

  2. Wood
    Wood can be painted or stained and is strong and easy to work with. When the materials are easier to work with, the window is easier to customize. This allows an expert to create highly detailed designs on wood that you can’t create on other window types.

    Few sash and frame materials are better insulators than wood when it comes to energy efficiency. The only downside to using wood windows is that they need maintenance on a regular basis.

    Peeling paint is more than an annoyance, it tells you that the wood has been exposed to moisture, which will ultimately cause it to rot.

  3. Steel: Steel windows are common in industrial buildings. The advantage to steel is that it’s very strong.

    Steel is durable, but not maintenance free. It will rust out if paint is not sealing it. A poor thermal insulator, Steel allows heat to escape through the sash and frame and allows moisture to collect on interior surfaces.

  4. Aluminum: Aluminum windows will give you many of the benefits that are the same with steel. However, you don’t have to paint them and they won’t rust. You can choose aluminum windows that are available with a number of baked-on finishes.

    The problem with aluminum windows is that they aren’t very energy-efficient. Aluminum is a good thermal conductor, so in cold weather heat drains out through the sash and frame as moisture condenses on interior surfaces.

  5. Fiberglass
    Fiberglass has been around for a long time, but it’s a relatively new material for windows. Fiberglass has a great record for being durable.

    Fiberglass is strong, so hollow parts can be made without the stiffeners that are need on vinyl. This will allow for higher efficiency windows because voids can be filled with insulation.

    You can paint fiberglass windows but they won’t deteriorate if the finish wears away. The downside to fiberglass windows is their cost compared to similar windows made form other materials.

  6. Composite
    Sashes and frames on a composite window are manufactured with more than one type of material. Doing this allows them to ensure that the material will fit the task, such as inside surfaces made from wood to make them paintable or stainable.

    Or on the outside surfaces, the material could be made from a better material that is more weather-resistant, like vinyl or aluminum. A new composite window is on the market that are manufactured with exterior parts made from recycled plastic and wood chips.

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