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Portland Energy Efficient Windows For Any Style Home

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Portland Window ReplacementsDid you know that as much as 40% of your heated and cooled air is being lost because of the windows in your home? And even more is lost for homes with older windows that do little to keep the air outside from creeping in or the air inside from leaking out.

The problem is that hot and cold air will transfer through the windows. Heat will leak out, and in the summertime your cold air will be affected by the heat coming in from outside. And the thinner and less effective your windows are, the more of a loss you’ll get.

If you rent your home, there’s little you can do about replacing the windows unless the owner decides to do it. But you can do some things to help on your energy costs, such as:

  • Using thermal backed draperies (completely cover the window)
  • Sealing gaps
  • Weatherstripping around and under exterior doors
  • Supplementing some insulation where you can

If you are a homeowner, then your best bet on cutting down on your energy use is going to be updating those old windows in your home.

Today’s Portland replacement windows are much more energy efficient than they’ve ever been before, and give you much more flexibility in design and color choices. Additional insulation options can also be added to improve their effectiveness against energy transference, such as film or glass that is treated.

Whether you choose Vinyl, Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Composite, the windows manufactured today are leaps and bounds ahead of yesterday’s options. From remote controlled opening and closing to today’s wonder glass that can turn opaque or dark at the push of a button, energy efficiency isn’t the only reason to change out your old windows.

The older the window is, the less functional use you may be able to get out of it. This is true especially when your window framing consists of only wood. Wood windows can last for decades, but most of the time these old windows are mistreated and the wood gets rotten or painted over so many times the windows won’t open properly any more.

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a home and not being able to open a window when you want to. It’s not only frustrating, but can mean you can’t escape if your home catches on fire. This make them dangerous, keeping you trapped inside for no good reason other than your home has old windows that haven’t been replaced.

Many homeowners don’t know that they can have brand new replacement windows that are numerous times more energy efficient than their current windows AND will match the architecture on their home. Even the old, wooden side hinged windows that open with a crank can be replaced with exact replicas that have double panes and function properly for years to come because they’re made of vinyl instead of wood.

Portland wooden windows of today also offer much more in energy efficiency than they ever did before. So if your concern is in keeping the architecture of your home in tact, you still have choices for modern replacement windows. To find out all your options available for your home, just give us a call at the number below and we’ll be glad to discuss some great green options with you!


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