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What is a Portland Energy Audit?

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Energy Audits Portland, Green Energy Solutions, Inc.There are several ways that you can go about saving on your home’s energy. But whichever ways you choose, it all starts with a Portland energy audit. So what is a home energy audit from Green Energy Solutions, Inc., and what makes it so important to someone deciding on how to increase the energy efficiency of their home?

Energy audits are comprehensive evaluations of your home that focus on finding any problems that could cause energy loss. Once a professional evaluates your home, they’ll create a report detailing any unsatisfactory conditions, and let you know how you can improve them. These improvements can be taken care of by the homeowner, a weatherization company, or, even the company who’s performing the Portland energy audit.

Preparing for an Energy Audit

Before you have a professional visit your house, make a list of any problems that you’re aware of, like condensation or uncomfortable, drafty rooms. It can also benefit you to have copies or a summary of your home’s yearly energy costs, which you can get from your utility providers. Our professional Portland energy auditors will use this information to determine what they should be looking for during the audit. The auditor will start outside and look at the wall size and how many windows there are, etc., then they’ll analyze the residents’ behavior:

  • How many people live in the home?
  • What temperature is the thermostat kept at?
  • In anyone home during the day?
  • Are you using every room?

Answering these questions can help your Portland energy audit professional come up with some simple ways to reduce your energy consumption.

The Importance of Energy Audits

Energy audits are the foundation on which all of your future energy improvements will be built. So having an accurate audit from a reliable professional is hugely important. Otherwise, you may receive inaccurate recommendations, and you could end up wasting money on services you don’t need. Our professionals are consistently thorough and accurate, and we’ll make sure that your Portland energy audit yields excellent results for your home.

Remember, though: while a Portland energy audit is an important part of becoming more energy efficient—saving money, having a more comfortable home, and conserving resources—it’s only the beginning of the process. Always make sure that you discuss the importance of the recommendations they make to you after the audit, and determine the best ways to make improvements on your home.

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