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Insulation Options to Go Green

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green-energry-services-portlandThere are a number of insulation options that offer green solutions for your home’s weatherization. Alternative insulation can be made from a number of recycled materials including shredded denim, hemp, or sheep’s wool. This type of insulation contains a high level of recycled materials that will help you to save on energy costs.

Whether you need to add extra insulation to the home or if you need insulation in building a new home, green solutions are the best option because they don’t hurt the environment.

Sheep’s wool is a good alternative insulation because it helps to keep your home more temperate. Sheep’s wool insulation is made from finely compressed wool fibers. These fibers form tiny pockets of air that get trapped in the fibers. Wool is very breathable, which means it will absorb any moisture in the air while still being able to retain heat. The outer layer of the wool fiber is resistant to water, but the inner layer loves water and will absorb up to about 1/3rd of its weight in moisture while not feeling damp. This translates into savings on your energy bills because your HVAC system won’t have to constantly turn on and off to adjust the air temperature.

Cotton is another great option in green insulation. Left over scrap denim is recycled by clothing manufacturers and used to manufacture insulation. Cotton is easily renewable and is similar to fiberglass insulation. It can be rolled into batts and has the same R-value. Unlike fiberglass, it doesn’t contain formaldehyde which has been linked to health problems like cancer.

Aerogel has a high R-value of R-10.3. It is referred to as the Superman of all the home insulation options. The material was invented in 1931. This insulation is manufactured by removing liquid from silica under high pressures and temperature. The material that is left is very light and more than 90% air. It’s molecular structure effectively blocks the transfer of heat. It is available as a peal and stick sheet or can be tacked on the studs of walls.

Rigid Polystyrene is material made from recycled plastic. While this is not a natural substance, it is effectively green by being made from recycled materials and does a great job at insulating, saving on world-wide energy usage.

Icynene is the spray on foam insulation that thoroughly seals your home. This material is made from castor oil. When applied with a sprayer, it forms a puffy, sponge like substance that easily fills every nook and cranny. Even though the surface looks slick and shiny, it does allow water vapor to escape which will prevent mold from forming.

At Green Energy Solutions, Inc., we have a number of options to better insulate your home. Our weatherization services include:

  • Insulation
  • Energy Audits
  • duct Sealing
  • Duct Installation
  • Air Sealing
  • Fire Caulking
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Crawl Space Ventilation
  • Replacement Windows
  • Window & Door Sealing

If you are looking for a Insulation Company in the Portland Metro area, please call Green Energy Solutions, Inc. at 503-615-4242 or fill out our online request form.

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