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Green Insulation – Is It Environmentally Friendly?

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Insulation can have both a positive and negative impact on the environment. Whether it is green (environmentally friendly), or not can be up for debate.


On the positive side is when it protects and insulates a certain area from environmental factors such as the weather. On the negative side is that the materials insulation was made from in the past can cause harm to the environment. Since we live and breathe within the environment, it can have the exact same positive or negative affect on us.


On one hand, using insulation provides us with a safe space to be protected from the weather or harsh climates, on the other, we can get serious health diseases and problems from the materials in our insulation.


Insulation provides a protective envelope for your building and in this way helps to control the inner temperature. If a building is properly sealed, it won’t let heat escape during the winter and will work to keep heat from coming in during the summer. Heat loss and gain are regulated by insulation.

The more insulation used, the less heat can infiltrate the space. This helps lower energy bills and provides other benefits, but is it worth it if using insulation that might be harmful to us?

That’s a good question, and one that is often weighed by homeowners when thinking about energy savings.

As the population of the earth advances in growth, education, knowledge, sophistication, and awareness, so new technologies are invented every day. Many new inventions hit the market claiming to be green, or environmentally friendly.

But what does environmentally friendly mean exactly?

Perhaps it is best left to say that this term is a relative term, meaning a term in which the listener determines the meaning based off of information that is relative to his understanding and experience.

Often thrown around are the terms, “environmentally friendly,” “green,” or “going green,” which are terms we’ve all heard. Sometimes the terms are changed around and used in spite of the fact that a material may only reduce harmful reactions within the environment and NOT necessarily if they are in fact safe for the environment or friendly to it.

When that happens, confusion about a material’s safety can set in. If someone claims a product is green, it may not necessarily be safe. It may just mean that the material is safer than other materials that are available on the market for such use.

That’s why it’s important for people to do their homework when looking for materials that are environmentally friendly.

In some industries, we don’t yet have materials that are friendly and not harmful to the environment. Your only option then is to use a material that causes the least harm possible, or is in other words, “the lesser of the two evils.”

With insulation, there are a number of brands on the market that advertise they use green materials. This is great and we should all be encouraged because any way we can eliminate harmful materials within our environment will mean the world is a safer place to live for us all. This is true for cutting down on the harmfulness too.


The problem still remains with many such home building materials, that the insulating fiber or other materials need to be treated for fire resistance. Though the insulation is made from high percentages of recycled content, they still contain substances that are harmful.


We are coming a long way in our development as a nation and as humans. New inventions pour from our society every day. We can only hope that as a nation we continue to strive for a better, cleaner, healthier world.

The materials in your home are either friendly to the environment, or harmful, or somewhere in between. When we outweigh the bad with the good, we are on our way to creating a better life.

This is what we strive for at Green Energy Solutions. Our goal is to eventually remove harmful materials, replacing them with materials that are not harmful.

We work hard every day to provide homeowners and business owners with greener solutions for home heating, air conditioning, improved air quality, and other remodeling and renovations to enhance your living. We do have green options for you, just give us a call and we can assess all your needs!

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