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Duct Cleaning Services Promote the Energy Savings of Portland Homes

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duct cleaningAccording to Energy Star, a volunteer organization that works with the Environmental Protection Agency to promote energy savings, our residential air conditioners waste a large amount of energy each year. They recommend that Portland homeowners conduct an air conditioning assessment before the height of the cooling season in order address energy inefficiencies.

According to their research, over 15% of the energy consumed by your residential air conditioner is lost as it travels through the ductwork of your home. In order to minimize this energy loss, it is important that your air ducts and filter be unobstructed and clean. The energy savings specialists at Green Energy Solutions, Inc. provide routine duct cleanings that can help you conserve energy in your Portland home. These duct cleaning services also have other substantial benefits.

Duct Cleanings Promote Energy Efficiency

Your residential air conditioner can be responsible for over a quarter of your electricity consumption during the height of the summer. As such, any inefficiencies in your HVAC system can result in major energy waste. One of the many causes of an inefficient air conditioning system is clogged and dirty ductwork.

If you have a central air conditioning system, the air is cooling in one location and then pushed throughout your home through the ductwork within your walls. If this ductwork is clogged or obstructed, your system wastes energy in two ways. First, the cool air takes longer to travel through the ductwork, giving it more time to warm up before it reaches the destination room. Second, dirty ductwork forces the air conditioner to work harder in order to push the air throughout your home and to compensate for the loss of energy that occurs.

The Portland duct cleaning services provided by the energy savings technicians at Green Energy Solutions, Inc. solve both of these problems. After their services, your air conditioner will not have to struggle to force air through dirty vents and filters. In turn, you will realize substantial savings on your monthly energy bills immediately.

Duct Cleaning Services Prevent HVAC Damage

Another great benefit of duct cleaning services is that they prevent damage from occurring to your Portland HVAC system. As stated about, dirty ductwork causes your air conditioner to work harder and to stay on longer than necessary. This extra strain causes your system to break down prematurely. If you do not properly maintain your Portland HVAC system, you will inevitably have to replace major components such as your blower motor well before the expiration of its intended service life.

As such, the duct cleaning services provided by the professional contractors at Green Energy Solutions, Inc. save you money in both the short-term and long-term. Afterwards, you see immediate reductions in monthly energy bills and can feel confident that your air conditioner will not fail because of extra strain caused by dirty air ducts.

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