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4 Reasons To Set Up Your Portland Energy Audit Before Winter

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Energy Audit in PortlandAt Green Energy Solutions, Inc., we understand how important it is that your home be as energy efficient as possible. After all, you have to spend money on energy bills to keep your home comfortable and running smoothly, so why not invest in ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on a monthly basis for your home’s energy usage? It is a smart choice for your wallet and for the environment. However, we also know that it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making your home more energy efficient. Figuring out where you are losing the most energy and where should invest in upgrades and additional protection is no simple feat. However, it is a necessary part of making your home energy efficient. Otherwise, you may decide to add additional insulation to your home, not knowing that your insulation was already working great and you actually needed to replace your windows. Green Energy Solutions, Inc. knows that you can’t make informed decisions about upgrading your home’s energy efficiency until you have had an energy audit performed. If you choose to have your home professionally audited for energy leaks and inefficiencies, you can better prepare your home for the coming Portland winter and save money on your energy costs.

Leaky Windows

Your windows are designed to let light and to let you see out into the world from the comfort of your home. However, sometimes older windows let more than light pass through- some windows leak lots of heat and can homeowners a great deal of money in energy expenses. If you are trying to heat your home during the coldest parts of winter, but that warm air is literally going out of the window, your heater has to keep working hard to try to make up for that loss. Unfortunately, this will run your energy use and associated costs way up. Furthermore, the wear and tear that this puts on your heating unit can actually make it break down sooner than it otherwise would. Allowing Green Energy Solutions, Inc. to perform a thorough energy audit will help you identify if your home is allowing your hard-earned money to escape through the windows.

Poor Insulation

Your home should be properly insulated to keep your heated air inside during the winter. Your walls and ceiling all have to be well insulated to avoid heat loss, but unfortunately it can be difficult for most people to assess their own home insulation. That’s where we come in. At Green Energy Solutions, Inc. we can professionally determine whether your insulation is sufficient and make recommendations about how we can help to improve your home’s insulation, saving you big time on your energy costs.

Insufficient Ventilation

It may seem a little bit contradictory to state that a well-ventilated home can improve energy efficiency, but it is actually true. Your home should have a well ventilated attic and crawl space to allow for proper air flow for your HVAC system. Improper ventilation will make your air conditioner and heater work harder to try to achieve the comfortable temperature you desire. Therefore, any complete energy audit will assess your home’s ventilation. If your home’s ventilation is forcing your HVAC system to work extra hard, that costs you money each month on your heating and cooling costs. Green Energy Solutions can offer crawl space and attic ventilation services to improve your heater and air conditioner’s performances.

Air Leaks

Air can leak throughout all sorts of imperceptible holes in your home. No matter how solid you believe your home is, you really can’t know definitively without an energy audit. Green Energy Solutions, Inc. can identify where you are leaking air and work with you to develop a plan to resolve those leaks. If you are hoping to save money on your winter energy expenses, start with a professional energy audit performed by Green Energy Solutions. Our team of qualified experts can identify where your house is costing you money and can offer you solutions to make your home much more energy efficient. Once you have a professional energy audit and your home has been fully weatherized and insulated, you will save on your energy costs year round!

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